Welcome! and a bit of explanation

As a pleasant surprise a few days ago in afternoon when a woke up after a previous night of rooftopping, I found that the photo I’ve posted onto DA from that night had like 10k views and was on the front page. In a few short days I now have somewhat of a following compared to the 5 watchers I had before, and this tumblr’s followers have also doubled.
To those of you who appreciate my work, thank you and welcome!

I’d like to take a moment to explain my work, since it seems that many seem to think that I’m nuts for going to such great heights for these pictures.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with rooftopping, well, it’s just when people climb on top of roofs. Some of active buildings, some of construction sites. Simple enough. 
Rooftoppers do it to see the city from a higher perspective, and feel the high altitude winds blow past their hair; to look down from 50 stories up and feel the immediate rush of vertigo and step back from the edge; to take photographs of the city that normally towers over them and surrounds them, from hundreds of feet up where they can see everything.

But at the same time, these locations are legally out of bounds. Whether it be the roof of an active high-rise or the current top floor of an under construction building, these are off limits to the public.

Part of my mentality when going on these explorations is that I am reclaiming my bit of the city. The buildings I climb are going to be condos, all sold out long before construction even began. Each one costs anywhere from $400 grand to upwards of $3 million. I have trouble seeing that I’ll ever have the money to buy one of these little boxes, nor will I ever work in one of those bank buildings that tower over the rest of the city. I may not own any of this, and perhaps never will, but at least I can see it. I can see the city from above, at 3 in the morning when I have the entire building to myself, and only seeing a few cars driving down the usually crowded streets, with no pedestrians in sight for miles. This is my way of taking a break from student life, where I am transformed and packaged into a cog for the machine. During the day, I’m a student; but at night, hundreds of feet up above the ground, I am truly me, and I am in control of my actions. A retreatist social deviance.

I don’t have a death wish, but I don’t fear death. I know and accept the risks involved, and I’m careful and experienced enough to know what’s safe to do and what isn’t. Thank you for all your concern, and thank you for reading. Love you all :)

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